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Full Circle

... And just like that, we're back in NY. Since our last post, we've explored:

1. Cheyenne, WY: Amazing BBQ, feminist cowgirl history, and a night of country music and dancing.

2. Carhenge, NE: Exactly what is sounds like. An amazing replica of Stonehenge made of old fashioned cars.

3. Faith, SD: A town of 400 people with an elaborate schedule of church bells and sirens playing throughout the day. Their campground was so nice that Mat wrote a thank you note to the city.

4. Standing Rock, ND: An all too brief and deeply humbling visit to Sacred Stone Camp. There aren't really many words we can share on this one. Just that everything we thought we know we didn't, and we're in awe of the fight that continues to take place.

Then we realized Rachel caught the flu and generously shared it with Mat just in time for her birthday. This resulted in the first and only hotel night of our journey, LOTS of superhero movies, and all of the soup. Plus a week of healing at an RV park in Bismarck.

Also, sidebar, North Dakota marked Mat's 50th state!! Yay Mat!!! #lifegoals

5. Fargo, ND: A surprisingly cool city with strong Scandinavian influence that isn't at all what you'd think from the movie...

6. Bemidgi, MN: One of many of Paul Bunyan's supposed homes, with Bible verses written in chalk on the sidewalk, next to the tic-tac-toe. And the gateway to beautiful forests and lakes.

7. Duluth, MN: Possibly the most friendly city on the planet. Perks for a beautiful walkway and pier on Lake Superior.

8. Benoit, WI: SO. MUCH. CHEESE.

9. Marquette and Christmas, MI: The former a funky college town, and the latter filled with Santas and seasonal street names. Both on Michigan's Upper Peninsula (aka the Yoop). And more Lake Superior awesomeness.

10. Flint, MI: A place where everything is a little more than it seems. A tiny greasy spoon found on Yelp, full of friendly regulars, donates hundreds of bicycles to local kids. A set of stairs with a small sign leading to Flint Trading Co, which turned into a packed series of rooms where we hung out with the owners for an hour or so, leaving with both purchases and gifts.


Now, we've crossed over the border back to NY where we'll be spending the summer. We'll reconnect with family and friends, enjoy some groundedness after traveling 30,000 miles in 10 months, and officially tie the knot. After all these adventures together in a home 25' long, we're more sure than ever about that last one.

As for what's next? We have thoughts, but we have some thinking and planning to do before we're ready to share them on the interwebs. So stay tuned. For now, NY folk, we'll see you soon!! And everyone else, we'll see you out there. Our journey has barely begun ;)

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